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Nadia Reel: Excerpts from
"If I Ain't Got You" (Alicia Keys), "Used to be Mine" (Waitress), "Get Down" (original SIX choreo), and "Monster" (Frozen)
BRING IT ON National Tour
    "I Know It's Today"
  SHREK National Tour
       "Watch What Happens"
NEWSIES! at Pioneer Theatre Co.
        "Bend and Snap"
Legally Blonde National Tour

"Fly Fly Away" audio from the 1st National Tour of Catch Me If You Can

Fly Fly Away - Nadia Vynnytsky
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           "Born to Do"
BRING IT ON National Tour
"Take Me or Leave Me"
 "Pearl's a Singer" 
Smokey Joe's Cafe
     "One Perfect Moment" 
BRING IT ON National Tour
             NYMF "Women of Note" 
Concert- "Keep on Standin'" from ROCKY
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